Edmonton Plumbing Help / August 2016

20 Aug

Preventing Clogged Sewers

By Brham Trim (Edmonton) Sewers 1379 Views

A clogged sewer is no small thing. When a sewer pipe gets backed up, dirty water can begin pooling in sinks, toilets, or showers. Even worse, waste from the kitchen or bathroom can begin piling up or even washing back into the home.

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06 Aug

Leaky Pipes and their Dangers

By Brham Trim (Edmonton) Pipes 855 Views

While most can agree that leaky pipes are annoying, some people’s concern with leaks in their homes ends there. Some consider smaller leaks to be a low-priority problem that can be ignored until larger maintenance is required. However, they may not realize that even these small leaks can lead to big problems if not repaired soon...

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