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t doesn’t seem fair that Edmonton can be both Canada’s freezer in winter and Canada’s furnace in the summer. The Gentlemen Plumbers Edmonton offer installations and maintenance that make cooling and heating Edmonton easier on the environment and on your wallet! Ask us about tankless water heaters , humidifiers and our free annual inspection and energy audit that can help you save on utility bills.

You will definitely not want to be without heating during the dark and cold winters that we experience here in Edmonton. While the proper heating of a home is maintained through the insulation of structural elements, it’s up to the furnace to create and pump out hot air into your interior space. With a strong furnace, it’s possible to balance the temperature of your living space and combat the cold chills of winter. It’s possible to live life normally if you have heating in Edmonton. However, if your furnace fails or isn’t working properly, things in your life can turn sour. Failure to effectively heat your home can have more consequences than just forcing you to wear a coat around the house. If the temperatures get too cold, pipes can freeze and then burst again, batteries can die, and other parts of your home can suffer. That is just one more reason why it is so crucial to have proficient heating in Edmonton structures.

On the flipside, you can get an air conditioner installed to cool your home down during the heat of the summer. We carry products that are more efficient to save you money and shrink your carbon footprint.

With so many years in the industry, there’s no doubt that we’ve seen every kind of problem when it comes to heating in Edmonton, and we have the solutions. The Gentlemen Plumbers Edmonton also makes heating Edmonton more cost-effective with our Platinum Club benefits that include priority service, discounts and a 2-year guarantee on all repairs and replacements. Call us today to either install or repair your existing furnace. It’s never too early to start saving on your energy bills!