Edmonton Roots in Sewer Line

Think you might have roots in your sewer or drain?

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The cause of backing up can sometimes be roots that are caught in your line. This may not be something you would normally think of, so if you are unsure, give the Gentlemen Plumbers a call. We are able to professionally check if there are roots in the pipes and help you get rid of them.

Over the winter, which is a lot in Calgary, the cold weather can cause your roots to get thirsty and therefore causes them to follow a trail to find moisture in small cracks and crevices. This can cause you to have roots in your pipes and roots in your sewer line.

When roots get into the pipes they widen the opening as they grow. Instead of trying to fix this issue on your own, please give the Gentlemen Plumbers a call so we can send a professional out to take a look and fix the roots in your pipes.