Ancient Roman Plumbing

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The ancient Romans have given the world so much. Many of the world’s legal systems, road systems, and ways of life owe a large debt to these ancient peoples, who were quite advanced for their time. It is not widely known that ancient Roman plumbing provided inventors with much of the inspiration for the prototypes of the plumbing systems that we enjoy today. Although our plumbing in Edmonton is certainly more advanced than the plumbing systems used in ancient Rome, the similarities cannot be ignored!

The ancient Romans were very skilled engineers, which helped them to build not only the roads and the stunning buildings of their time, but also the famous baths. The great public baths in Rome received their water supply from water sources like Tiber river—which were actually many miles away from the bath sites. This was possible thanks to the expertly fashioned aqueducts that conveyed the water safely over the distance it had to travel.

Waste disposal was always a challenge, and the ancient Romans made many strides in dealing effectively with it. Rome actually had a functional ancient sewer in use around 500 years before its aqueducts were built for the great baths. This sewer system was known as the Cloaca Maxima. Its primary function was to move surface water as well as city drainage. Where the sewers emptied was a problem that was not solved until many years later, with the help of the English, when Britain established a Public Health Act in 1848. The Roman people were enormously innovative and skilled with many types of mechanics, and their plumbing skills were certainly a significant part of that.

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