Edmonton Plumbing Help / May 2022

29 May

Ten Common Air Conditioning Problems

By Brham Trim (Edmonton) Air Conditioners 3068 Views

Our staff at The Gentlemen Plumbers often helps clients with a variety of air conditioning and Edmonton heating issues and installations, but there are certain air conditioning problems which are by far the most common. Here are the 10 problems we see most often!

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15 May

Video Game Announcement

By Brham Trim (Edmonton) General Plumbing 1682 Views

We at the Gentlemen Plumbers are excited to announce today our expansion into new business territory: Video games.

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01 May

A Quick Look at the History of Mario

By Brham Trim (Edmonton) General Plumbing 1587 Views

Mario, Nintendo’s central mascot and protagonist of dozens of popular video games, is probably the most famous plumber in the world. Whether or not he actually knows how to plumb, however, is a topic for another day...

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