Duty Free Shop Claims 2015 Washroom Award

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Duty Free Shop Claims 2015 Washroom Award

What does a public restroom say about the business that provides it?  We at the Gentlemen Plumbers believe that the decoration, facilities, and maintenance of an organization’s washroom is indicative of how that organization feels about its customers.

Cintas has been running a Best Restroom Award contest in the US since 2002, and expanded the contest up here to Canada in 2010 to search out and recognize memorable public washrooms in Canada.

Last year, 1000 Islands Duty Free in Lansdowne, Ontario claimed the grand prize with its clean and elegant rest stop for travellers heading across the Canada-US border.  The winning washroom boasts a modern yet classic approach, complete with bowl-style sinks, gleaming granite counters, and private mini-rooms for each toilet.  Compared to the all-too-familiar cold metal dividers half-exposed with large gaps, the shop’s high-class, privacy-enhancing experience is a welcome sight.

With the contest now in its 6th year here in Canada and finalists anticipated to be revealed in the summer, we at the Gentlemen Plumbers are hoping to see a bathroom from right here in Edmonton take the spotlight.

Would you like your favourite washroom featured on here?  Contact us with details and we might do a post about it!