Benefits of Modulating Furnaces

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One of the chief causes of energy waste is inefficient furnaces. Modulating furnaces take steps toward eliminating this problem by combining multi-speed blowers with fluctuating gas valves.

Energy Savings

A modulating furnace adjusts its blower speed and gas output based on the needs of the home. In other words, it does not run at full power unless absolutely necessary. This reduced energy consumption translates to lower utility bills, which will offset the cost of initial installation.


One of the common complaints about furnaces is their inconsistency. Some rooms are warmer than others, and temperatures fluctuate as the furnace turns on and off. Modulating furnaces continually adjust themselves, creating more comfortable spaces.


The average lifespan varies from one furnace in Edmonton to another. Modulating models, however, tend to last longer than traditional furnaces, further increasing the cost benefits. Five-year warranties are common among these products, and superior craftsmanship reduces service calls.


The modulating furnace produces less noise, and the sounds you hear are more consistent because the blower runs more frequently, just at a lower speed. The sounds commonly associated with a furnace kicking on are not a factor, so your family may sleep better with this type of heating system.


Setting your thermostat with a modulating furnace will be a more precise process because the unit is capable of making small adjustments to achieve the desired temperature. This makes it easier to keep your home efficiently comfortable.

It is true that modulating furnaces are usually more expensive than the traditional variety, but the cost savings over a period of five years can easily triple the amount spent on your upgrade. If you are shopping for a furnace in Edmonton, call us today so we can help you find the ideal solution!