Fun Facts About Plumbing

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The plumbing facts that you know may be limited to the basics of what the different components of your bathroom and kitchen plumbing systems are. However, the profession of plumbing in Edmonton is actually quite an old one that has yielded a number of funny and interesting anecdotes over the years. Here are some of the fun facts about plumbing that we like to share with our clients!

Did you know that every culture has a very unique name for the bathroom? In Egypt, the bathroom is known as the “House of Honor.” In Rome, the term for bathroom is “Necessarium” presumably since a visit there is indeed necessary. You may have heard the term “Privy” before: It is the English term for bathroom, which is short for “House of Privacy.” The country of France has probably the most amusing term for bathroom: They call it the “La Chambre Sent” which translates into the smelly room in English.

Have you ever wondered what people did before toilet paper was invented? In the distant past, people actually used mussel shells. These were commonly called “scrapers,” which today may very well induce shudders since we are accustomed to toilet paper. In ancient Roman times, people used a sponge in lieu of toilet paper. The sponge was attached to a stick. Some people in the South tell us that back in the day, corncobs were the toilet paper alternative.

One of the most revealing plumbing facts known today is the truth about how people handle retrieval of items dropped down a drain or into the toilet. As many as 85% of people have said that they tried to retrieve the object themselves. Some of their methods may have included: Reaching down the drain or into the toilet, using a coat hanger or other wire, or using a toilet brush to try to pull the item back.

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