Leaky Pipes and their Dangers

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Leaky Pipes and their Dangers

While most can agree that leaky pipes are annoying, some people’s concern with leaks in their homes ends there. Some consider smaller leaks to be a low-priority problem that can be ignored until larger maintenance is required. However, they may not realize that even these small leaks can lead to big problems if not repaired soon.

1) Water usage

At the most basic level, even if there are no other complications with your leak, your water bills will be affected for the extra loss of water. Though costs fluctuate depending on size and rate of the leak, homeowners may see their bills increase by 10% or more.

2) Mould growth

Unrepaired leaks can promote growth of dangerous moulds within your home. As these moulds progress and spread their spores, they can cause serious health problems for you and your family, even if you aren’t directly allergic to mould.

3) Home damage

Leaks in your residential plumbing system can cause serious damage to walls and floorboards, especially if those leaks are out of plain sight. These leaks – if serious enough – can even lead to damage to your home’s electric circuitry.

The best defence against these and other problems is to have your plumbing inspected and repaired by a professional. You should make regular basic checks of all the piping in your house, and have a plumber do a thorough inspection to ensure things are working as they should.

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