Mobile Home Heating Options

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Mobile home owners should be aware that their residences are at a higher risk of being affected by cold weather. To winterize a mobile home, use spray foam insulation to fill in exterior holes, and wrap heat tape around the water pipes to prevent freezing. Also, confirm that the current heating system is functioning. For a mobile home, you can choose from several types of heating units, such as electric and gas systems, to keep interior temperatures comfortable. Before selecting a heating unit, consider each model’s cost and efficiency factors.

Gas Heating Units

You can install a gas-heating unit in mobile homes that are equipped with propane or natural gas. Keep in mind that the system type can be expensive to purchase, and the cost of gas continues to grow. A gas heating system will require ducts and piping to operate, so if you don’t already have ductwork, then you’ll have additional installation costs.

To decrease the construction and expense of duct installation, you can use gas fueled space heaters as well as fireplaces. However, a gas space heater will use more energy to operate than a gas furnace that is connected to a central system. If you intend to use a propane-fueled heater, then your mobile home will need an onsite tank for the fuel source.

Electric Heating Systems

Electric heating systems are another unit type that you can install in your mobile home. Keep in mind that the unit model is less efficient than gas. The system’s components include a heating device and a fan to circulate the warm air through your home. You can connect an electric unit to your home’s ductwork. Also, most mobile home owners place the unit section in a closet for aesthetic reasons.

Be sure to maintain your home’s heating unit regularly by changing the furnace filters and lubricating the system’s moving parts. With regular maintenance, you can decrease repairs and increase the unit’s efficiency.

Heating Considerations

Be sure to check your mobile home heating unit before winter arrives to avoid frozen pipes. When your pipes freeze, they can stop your water supply. Furthermore, if you need to install a heating system, then consider the length of time that you’ll be living in the home as well as the unit's total cost and energy needs.