Plumbing Trivia Quiz

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Most likely, you've called out a reputable plumbing firm such as The Gentlemen Plumbers at least once.  Yet, how much do you know about the world of plumbing, really?  Feel free to pipe up whenever you know an answer.

Q: True or false – The name “plumbing” comes from the verb “to plumb” which means to measure.

A: False – The general agreement is that this whole “water business” was called “plumbing” after the Latin word for lead – plumbum.  The reason for this is that lead was once used to make water pipes.


Q: Speaking of pipes and the water that flows through them, about how many gallons of water does the average shower use up – 100 gal., 55 gal., or 33 gal.?

A: The answer is 33 gal., BUT it's kind of a trick question.  The reason is that the water used depends on the length of the shower taken and your shower's water pressure.  Want to find out how much water you use when you shower?  Here are a few options:

  • Go to the York Region website, Water for Tomorrow.  Scroll down to the heading “Solutions” and read the Showers and Bathing paragraph.

  • Use the South Florida Water Management water calculator.

  • For those who want precise calculations and like to do it themselves, enjoy!


Q: Many people like to take HOT showers.  Yet, how hot is too hot?  What is the recommended temperature setting for home hot water systems? (Sorry, no choices.  Time to take a guess!)

A: If you said “not hotter than 110°F-115°F (43-46°C)” you were correct.  Skin exposed to water that is 140°F (60°C) will get burned after about 5 seconds.  Increase that temperature just a little to 160°F (71 °C) and the burn time decreases to only ½ a second.  It's a good idea to get experts like The Gentlemen Plumbers in to make sure your water has not overstepped its bounds.


Q: Did someone mention expert plumbers?  Well then, what is the name of the famous Italian plumber who saves princesses and vanquishes villains?

A: It's none other than Mario of video game fame.  According to Wikipedia, Mario is the most recognized video game character in the world.  Who knew a plumber could achieve world-wide fame?!

For more fun and games, as well as important information and tips about water conservation, why not check out the website of the Canadian Institute of Plumbing and Heating (CIPH) “because Water Matters”.  You can also get in touch with a respected plumbing firm such as The Gentlemen Plumbers to find out what you can do to make your current plumbing system more efficient.