Sump Pump Maintenance

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We at the Gentleman Plumbers Edmonton often help clients with plumbing emergencies and problems of all types as your local plumbers in Edmonton. Although much of the work that we do is highly technical and does require the help of our expert plumbers, some of the jobs we work on could have been avoided if the homeowner had performed some basic sump pump maintenance. We highly recommend that you schedule sump pump maintenance with us once a year (more often if it is heavily in use), but in between major maintenance there are a few things you can do to keep the sump pump functioning at its peak effectiveness.

One of the easiest and simplest things you can do for sump pump maintenance is to do a simple visual exam on a regular basis, looking for dirt and debris on the outside of the sump pump. When dirt and debris eventually work their way inward, they can slow or even break the pump. Remove outer debris and dirt regularly to avoid this.

Another simple thing you can do is to check battery backup power. After unplugging the sump pump, watch to make sure the backup kicks in and can provide adequate power. If not, you’ll need to have your professional sump pump maintenance performed as soon as possible.

If your sump pump is clearly functioning sluggishly or incorrectly, it is a case that should be handled only by professional plumbers in Edmonton. Even if your sump has completely quit working, the repair may be less complicated than anticipated, and a new sump may not even be needed. Gentleman Plumbers Edmonton is happy to perform an on-site evaluation and consult with you about exactly what is needed to get your sump pump in perfect order again!