Ten Common Air Conditioning Problems

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Our staff at The Gentlemen Plumbers often helps clients with a variety of air conditioning and Edmonton heating issues and installations, but there are certain air conditioning problems which are by far the most common. Here are the 10 problems we see most often!

Breaker was tripped

This is happens quite often. The cause of the tripped breaker is usually a minor one (bad breaker, a stray wiring issue, or a capacitor has gone bad) which can be resolved pretty easily. As long as you move to fix it fast, this is generally not an issue.

Filter needs replacing

A dirty filter means that your air conditioning is struggling to work with a restricted flow. A clogged filter is inexpensive and easy to replace.

Refrigerant is leaking

If your coolant is leaking, your system will have to work twice as hard to function properly and will not be able to cool as effectively. Leaks can be quite minor but cause big problems if not dealt with promptly.

Simple switch check

It may seem obvious, but it does happen: the inside air conditioning switch may be in the off position. Don’t call for help until you check this!

Issues with thermostats

If your thermostat has a minor issue like a broken switch, it can prevent your A/C from turning on and from cycling properly.

Drain lines clogged

Your A/C is responsible for disposing of the collected moisture from the air via your plumbing system. Various components like drain lines and drain pans can get clogged up with algae due to the wet environment.

Inner contactor switch

This inner contactor switch can get stuck within the air conditioner, which means the outer unit won’t cycle anymore. It will run continually, a costly issue.

Evaporator coil problem

Generally the evaporator coil gets dirty over time because it pulls heat away from the building as the cold air is sent across it. As time goes by the dust and dirt build up and can keep the coil from moving air properly.

Condenser coil issue

The condenser coil transforms the gas refrigerant into liquid. When the condenser coil has built up dirt and dust, it will still work, but will expend more energy in doing so—which costs more and reduces efficiency.

Duct leakage

The ducts are essential because they are responsible for introducing and eliminating heat and cool air. The ducts might easily be leaking the treated air into the wrong area-- like the outdoors where nobody can benefit from it.

The Gentlemen Plumbers are pleased to be your choice in Edmonton heating and cooling and we pledge to do whatever it takes to make our clients happy!