The Pros and Cons of Ductless Air Conditioning

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If your home is not currently equipped with air conditioning, a ductless system might provide the comfort you need at a price you can afford. When it comes to Edmonton heating and cooling, however, always weigh the pros and cons of any HVAC system.

Older Home Cost

If you own an older home, you will spend less money on a ductless A/C system than you would a central A/C unit. It will also take less time, which means less inconvenience for homeowners.

Newer Home Cost

When building a new home, it can cost upwards of 30 percent more to install ductless air conditioning. You could save money on the back end, but the initial expense might be an obstacle for budget-conscious consumers who are buying a home.


One major benefit of ductless A/C systems is their small size. They will not visually overpower a room like window units, which is particularly useful when cooling smaller rooms.


Central A/C will always be the most efficient choice for residential cooling, especially if you are cooling a large house or several rooms. Ductless air conditioning works best for small areas and for homeowners who only want to cool one or two rooms.


The low-profile ductless A/C units can be installed flush against the wall, suspended from the ceiling, or even mounted to the floor. If you want maximum flexibility with regard to interior design, this is the best choice.


Ductless HVAC units are not the most popular cooling options, which makes them somewhat difficult to find. Make sure to hire an Edmonton heating installation expert who has experience with this type of HVAC system.