The Toilet Bubble of the Shaw Centre

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The Toilet Bubble of the Shaw Centre

When the new Shaw Centre – previously called the Ottawa Convention Centre – opened its doors to the public in 2011, it’s ‘space age’ aesthetics immediately set it apart from other convention venues around the world. But while the centre itself may be cool, the real question is clearly: how are the toilets?

Maybe the first question might actually be: where are the toilets? And the answer would be something like: in the big ‘bubble’ – a sub-structure within the building itself. Favouring a curved entrance, the public washrooms are designed to contain odours and sounds without the need of conventional doors.

The facilities employ modern interiors that are nice enough to suit their location, but their true source of pride is their claim to use up to 70% less water thanks to their eco-friendly underground rain-water cistern.

So if you’re attending a convention in Ottawa anytime soon, why not stop off in the washrooms and see that space toilet bubble for yourself!