Valleyview Superstation Houses the Best Washroom in Alberta

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Valleyview Superstation Houses the Best Washroom in Alberta

When was the last time you visited Valleyview? If you answered ‘not recently’ or ‘never,’ then maybe the time has come to put it on your to do list. Why? Because in that little town of less than 2,000 people lies possibly the nicest public restroom in the province!

The local Shell station contains a breathtaking washroom designed for modern comfort and luxury. Outfitted with granite countertops, wooden doors, and chandeliers, using the washroom there feels like an upper class suite experience! The bathroom is so pleasant to use that even locals make the extra trip just to use it!

While a nicely designed and well-cared-for washroom at an expensive hotel or a fine restaurant would be impressive enough on its own, Valleyviews Superstation’s facilities are special exactly because they are located at a service station. Many travellers could likely attest to the noticeable lack of rest at most roadside restrooms. In fact, some gas stand washrooms can be absolutely terrifying! So it doesn’t surprise us that Valleyview Superstation took home Canada’s Best Restroom award in 2013.

And the next time you’re on the road, consider swinging by Valleyview, even just to check out their washrooms!