What to Look For in a Cooling and Heating Contractor

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Choosing the best furnace for your home is only the first step. It is just as important to hire a top heating contractor for installation and maintenance. An experienced, professional furnace company in Edmonton will ensure your satisfaction as well as your safety.


Never work with a new heating contractor unless you have solicited estimates from several others. Meeting more than one will allow you to compare not only their prices, but also their professionalism and knowledge.


When meeting with heating contractors, ask for references from satisfied customers. A reputable furnace company in Edmonton will have no problem providing you with that information.


A good contractor will want to come to your home to provide an estimate. This is a good time to conduct a brief interview. Experienced professionals will conduct independent load calculations, ask about your experience with your old furnace, and inspect your system.


Ask each contractor about his or her certifications, licenses, insurance policies, and affiliations. Most contractors belong to professional organizations and are licensed and/or certified in their areas of expertise. Additionally, they should have liability insurance, which protects their customers.


If you have decided to install an uncommon type of furnace, such as a modulating model, make sure your heating contractor has experience with that particular product.


Find out how many employees work for the company and the average duration of employment. It is best to work with a company that employs long-term professionals because they will provide more consistent results.

Hiring heating contractors does not have to be a stressful experience, but take your time and meet with several candidates. If you are ready to have a new furnace installed, or if your unit requires servicing, give us a call to schedule an appointment with one of our dedicated technicians. The Gentlemen Plumbers are here to serve you!