When to Pump Out Septic Tanks

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A septic tank system handles and neutralizes liquid and solid waste from your home. Specifically, it processes the refuse from your home’s sinks, toilets and other plumbing fixtures. Most septic systems have three main sections, which include the tank, drainfield and earth beneath the drainfield.

In most cases, on-site systems are more affordable to install and take care of than central services. However, you should expect to maintain them more often. By installing your septic system accurately and making sure that it is maintained, your home’s sewage will be dealt with properly. As a result, your unit will protect public health, the environment and your home’s water supply.

Septic Tank System Care

Over time, your home’s septic tank system will collect solids. If you permit your tank to fill close to or past its approved capacity, then surplus solids may move into the unit’s disposal field. When solids transfer into the disposal field, they may block the pipes. This action can also obstruct the tank inlet, which may result in backed up sewage.

Be sure to analyze your septic system every one or two years. During an inspection, you or a service specialist should measure the system’s sludge and filth depth. The unit should also be pumped out at least once every three years. The pumping requirements of your septic system will depend upon your use and the type of materials that pass into the unit. Furthermore, with regular inspections, you can determine your septic tank’s exact siphoning needs. Also, be sure to contact a registered septic tank cleaner for pumping service.

Everyday Recommendations

Most on-site septic tank systems process regular waste products, such as body waste, laundry water and sink water, without any problems. You can even send bleach down into it. However, several substances should not go down your drain as they can pollute your area’s water supply. For instance, when you have a clogged drain, do not use caustic drain openers. Also, use household cleaners in moderation.

Extending the Lifespan of Your Septic Tank System

With regular inspections, periodic pumping and proper substance disposal, you can make sure that your septic tank system lasts as long as possible. In fact, accurate and routine septic tanks maintenance may extend the life of your unit.